The world as we know it died 20 years ago. In a sense, it is kept existing, let those who truly understand no the the world is gone, and it could be dying.
Every major superhero died all at once in one-day, and Hell followed with their deaths. It was a very long summer that year, in 1996, when every major super villain decided to rise up at the same time. People called at the bedlam—it was a period of almost constant undressed, Full of people who held the almost unimaginable power, with only the weakest able to stand against him.
In probably, the tide shifted to the people, in some measure of order was restored to the world, but the scars remained. This is a world without its greatest heroes, its greatest powers, in the sense that something was missing could be felt.
No new exactly what was missing. There was something missing in the air, there was there cosmic absence. The stairs still shined overhead, the moon still hung over the earth, but there was something that couldn’t be felt anymore. What was the sense that a vital organ have been removed, or that several limbs had been amputated at once.
Most people simply thought this was an effective losing so many powerful heroes once, but there remainder a very small group of people who thought otherwise. They were sure let’s something more terrible had happened, and they were determined to try and figure out what that could possibly be

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