First Steps

I have trouble with follow through. I’ll say I’m going to do a thing, and then get started on it, full of energy and drive to see it done. That will last for awhile, and then I’ll lose interest, decide that I wasn’t going to be able to be successful at it anyways, and give up.
I quit a lot. I fail a lot because I tell myself it’s easier to fail.
But what if I could stop that voice from convincing me? What if I could actually push myself to actually do the work necessary for a successful writing career? How can I truly learn to follow through on my own promises?
And what does that look like?
The first part of this is to focus on incremental changes in work habits. I need to change the little things that make up my working processes, and slowly improve a number of tiny things so they’ll snowball into a large change that affects my work better.
More frequent breaks.
Shorter writing sprints.
Better preparation before sessions.
Adding in milestones for my work.
Pieces of the puzzle, not the whole puzzle.
Break all of your big goals down into smaller, more manageable pieces.
Want to be a published short story author? I’ll have to start writing short stories.
Want to be a podcaster with a regular show? I’ll need to start setting time aside for that.
Blogging more consistently? Write a few posts in advance, and truly take the time to create content.
More active social presence? Get a new account together, start posting more frequently, and start interacting.
Don’t do all of this at once. Find bits and pieces that don’t take a ton of effort to change. I can set up a new Twitter account, and I could unlock my writing Tumblr. Then I could link those two accounts to my WordPress blog, so my new posts are going up on each social media account. I could also switch my Instagram to post to that new Twitter, and start brainstorming new content ideas. After all of that, I could reactivate my Facebook page, and set that up for WordPress posts.
Several little things, none taking more than a slight bit of effort. And when I’m finished, I have a full social presence again.
Little things. Nothing huge. Just a little bit at a time.
It’s time to get back into it, then.

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