Changing Routines

I’ve been looking for little ways to update my writing habits and routines. I’d been working for about two hours each working day by setting long blocks of time to write. They would start well, but eventually I’d lose steam about halfway through, and in the second hour I would struggle to focus, eventually just stopping work short. I’d lose valuable time during the period of the day where I was most creative.

After trying a bunch of different working methods, I eventually came back to an old standard: the Pomodoro, where you set short blocks of time to work, along with frequent short breaks.

Right now it’s a bit early to really make a judgment on its effectiveness, but in the last few days of adopting and sticking to the method, I’ve found that I’m better able to work across a longer block of time than my previous working method–which was “work for an hour straight, break for 20 minutes, and then another hour (but actually you’re already burned out from that last hour so instead you stare at the screen after coming back five minutes late from your break and close all of your windows because you’re not getting anything else done today wow aren’t you lazy?)”. I’m going to try and keep up with it, and track how much work I’m able to get done this way.

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