Since starting back up, I’ve been thinking a lot about update schedules. I don’t want to adopt the same grueling pace that burned me out in 2017, but I want to keep it frequent and varied.

The basic outline is something like this: a short daily post, like this one you’re reading right here, probably less than 250 words. Just enough for me to get a few thoughts down, publish them, and be on my way.
I’m thinking about doing poetry posts again, probably once a week. Nothing flashy, just a little fragment of whatever I’ve written recently.

My next bit is writing advice. I have a lot of this stuff on my computer, and I’ve been looking for a reason to publish it, so my plan is to lightly edit and revise it, tighten and punch up the writing by cutting the word count, and publish one piece a week.

Fiction is my main focus, so publishing that is a given. Frequency isn’t set yet, but I’ll probably follow the pattern I have here and just post one piece a week. They may be longer or shorter, a complete story or a fragment. All will be previously unpublished material, and you’ll be seeing it for the first time.

Sprinkled in there will be personal essays, reviews or pieces of criticism, and other assorted writing. That’s five daily posts, and three other pieces each week.

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