(Unsuccessfully) Organizing the Reading List

I own too many books.

For 2018, I’ve been trying to balance out my reading between a lot of factors: heavy/dense vs. accessible, fiction vs. non-fiction, theory vs. history, writing guides vs. media criticism, physical vs. ebooks, etc. It means really taking a hard look at what I’ve got and what I want to read.

Naturally, it’s paralyzed me. Stacks of books grow on my shelf, from Butler to Zinn and everything else imaginable. Should I finally read Dune? Dig into Erikson? There’s Against Interpretation or The Second Sex or another writing guide as well, oh and William Gibson and Kim Stanley Robinson, and Le Guin just passed, maybe I should look into finally reading her work. Tuchman is pretty important to the historical research I’m aiming to do, as well as that Antifa book I bought in December.

And let’s not get into my Kindle, which is definitely more of the same, only more organized.

You can see what an awful problem I have.

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