Habits and Routines

Lots of work in the past eighteen months has been given over to examining, tweaking, and executing work routines. Along with that comes building habits and shifting mindsets that minimize the friction that everyday life can have on those routines.

Set times for working? Among the first things I did.

Disconnecting during work times? Took a bit longer, but I got there. Helped immensely when I finally stuck to it.

Tracking progress? It comes and goes. Currently, I’m not tracking anything beyond the time that I spend working, but as I move into the middle of the year, I’ll need to start tracking what I work on and for how long, and how much I’m putting into said projects.

Setting goals? Still horrible at this one. I’ve got “write a novel” in there, but I think I’ve got time to figure it out, and smaller goals like “publish consistently” and “write every day” are more pressing and rewarding right now. Not to say I don’t have big goals, I’m just not dedicating a ton of mental resources to them at the moment. I’m in the process of breaking them down into manageable pieces, so they won’t seem as scary.

Exercise? Better diet? Sleep more? Read more? Stop smoking? Worked on little by little over time, intensity and commitment come in waves. Weight is coming down finally, I can touch the floor with my palms again, and I don’t get winded at the slightest physical exertion.

I’d say I’m doing fine, wouldn’t you?

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