I played Breath of the Wild over the course of the last month. I picked it up when I bought my Switch, but got sucked into Odyssey instead. BOTW felt a little too empty and open-ended for my tastes.

Now that I’ve finished both of them, I can safely say that while both are very good, I wasn’t completely convinced of their greatness. I’ll probably be breaking all of those thoughts out across several posts in the future, but for now here are a couple of quick hits.

•SMO’s lack of dedicated platforming segments really wastes the game’s incredible movement.

•BOTW’s substitute for dungeons (Divine Beasts & Shrines) were too short and had no real tricks to them. Beyond that, they were never used as a way to highlight your skills. Zelda without dungeons is bad Zelda.

There are definitely more points that I’ll dive into later and with many more words, but for now these are the two bits that really stuck out to me.

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