A Small Confession

Not really sure what to write about today. I don’t usually write content in advance for this blog (used to, when I was publishing four times a day). My overall mental and physical health has been on an upward trajectory. I’m getting more writing done in the same two working hours I’ve set aside each day. Actual writing, while a bit scattered at the moment, is increasing in volume–and probably quality, but I’m not really paying attention to that right now.

I’ve been experimenting with writing erotica (ooh aaah) under a pen name. Honestly, if you can get away with writing it, dream up a penname and go for it. It’s taught me a lot:

  • How to tell stories quickly and in a more compelling manner.
  • Being clear but vivid in description.
  • Tighter plotting and outlining.
  • It’s an outlet for wild stuff that can be written without shame.
  • And it sells. I don’t really write or publish much, but I’ve made a steady $15-$20 each month with a very small library.

If you’ve ever been curious about it, I’d say go for it. Your work doesn’t have to be long. In fact, if you can churn out a minimum of 3k a week with minimal editing and revision, you’ve got a publishable story. There’s a period of building momentum, but it has definite rewards.

I recommend Jade K. Scott’s The Six Figure Erotica Author if you’re interested in learning more. The book is short, has easy, actionable advice, and will get you writing and publishing quickly.

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