Instagram Woes

Instagram continues to be the bane of my social media existence.

I use it because I’m a big fan of cosplay, and it’s really the easiest way to follow and consume that kind of content.

As part of a thorough cleaning of my digital life (locally and on the wider internet), I’ve been cutting back on following accounts that post adult or NSFW content. On Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, this process has been really easy, if slightly time consuming–there’s no limit to how many you can unfollow, and Tumblr has a feature that tells you how long it’s been since someone has posted. Overall, super simple easy peasy. I’m down to incredibly lean numbers, and my social media experience has been much less cluttered.

Instagram is a different story. I’ve followed a ton of cosplayers, photographers, and models of all kinds, so my following list really ballooned out–the ratio was far too high. So I went in and started unfollowing accounts that weren’t the kind of content i wanted to see anymore.

After seeing my count only drop by a minuscule amount, I found that Instagram has an anti-spam measure in place to allow only 20 unfollows per day.

So that’s going to take awhile.

How’s your day going? Feel free to leave a comment, I want to get to know my followers!

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