Writing About Posting

Some days, I’m really excited to write up the daily post. I’ve got an idea, a few things to add to it, and I’m just bursting with excitement to share it with you. Yesterday’s bit about MTG and data is one such topic that I’m really interested in, and I enjoyed Steven’s comment. I’m going to try and dive more deeply into researching and dissecting my own and WOTC’s arguments over the next few months, because it’s a topic that I’ve been closely following for the last two years.

Other days, like today, I’m just not feeling it. I can’t get the words out, or I’m distracted, or there’s just no single idea that’s grabbing me.

I feel like those are the most important to me as a writer. They’re the days when I have to remember that I’m doing work, and work requires you to grind it out some days. I remind myself that there is no art to making art, no secrets, no magic tricks, no silver bullets. There is only me, the page, and the time I dedicate to creating.

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