Inputs and Intuition

How intuitive things seem to us as individuals is a concept I think about a lot. It’s one that leads to figuring out important lessons.

Playing video games sticks out. My wife is relatively new to playing video games–she likes horror games, action games, and shooters, and she’s played somewhat regularly since about 2009. We’ve played through all three Borderlands games two or three times each, had a blast. She sometimes has trouble with the controls, which made me incorrectly assume that she was just bad. It’s so simple, I would think, why can’t she do it like me?

As I got older and (thankfully) more mature and empathetic, I realized an important detail.

Using a video game controller isn’t natural, despite what I previously assumed. What I thought was just an intuitive set of actions was actually a life-long skill I had developed by playing video games. A standard controller in 2018 has eight buttons, two analog directional inputs (each with dedicated button presses, so that’s 10 button inputs!), a directional pad, two menu buttons, and whatever other bells and whistles the console requires.

Learning things like that takes an incredible amount of focus and dedication, over a long period of time. I make sure to keep that in mind as I grow and learn–I don’t really become a better person if I can’t see outside of myself, can I?

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