Time and Process

I loved this video. In it, the author talks about his overdone process for his work, and how that led to his graphic novels being finished ten years past his original estimate.

What we can learn here is simple: find what’s worth optimizing, essentially. What’s worth the time we spend on a project, and why?

Breaking ourselves of our overly precious views on personal work can be difficult, but its a battle worth fighting. Being passionate is one thing–I am passionate about my writing in a high-level sense–but struggling to preserve something that we view as perfect simply because of our closeness to the work is a surefire way to fail.

I love writing. I love my writing. But I can’t fret over details. Things are going to be iterated upon, deleted, rewritten, and reformulated to the point that the very words written at the beginning might not exist anymore. If I truly want to execute the ambitions I have for my work, I have to tell myself to just create, fail, and create again. I have to love it, but love it enough to know when it’s not working.

Do you have trouble with committing to streamlining your creative process? Let me know in the comments!

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