Today is one of those “not sure what” kind of posting days. I’ve got a lot running through my mind. Lots of little ideas, but too disparate to connect to a larger one. How about some bullet points?

  • I’ve been wanting to get back into playing Magic: The Gathering again. The tricky part is actually laying down the cash to buy a deck. The current Limited formats don’t look very interesting (and probably aren’t, if the current Block Constructed is any indicator), and my Modern decks are unfortunately incomplete.
  • I’m reading Butler again. Her writing is knotty, and her sentences long, but I’m nodding more and more.
  • Memories of Ice was incredible. Read Erikson.
  • Shovel Knight is also great. Each of the three campaigns plays wildly different from the others, and from a lot of the same general level designs!
  • I have Marx on my Kindle. Das Kapital will be read.

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