Secret Origin Music

(Music that sheds light on my origins as a writer. Might be a bigger series. Working out the kinks right now.)

One song is responsible for this blog and every other piece of fiction I have created since 2002. One single tune that served as primary inspiration for ideas that I’m still working on to this day.

That song is “Hero”.


I know.

There are other reference points like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (which featured this song on its soundtrack), superheroes in general, and a general need to write, but this song played over all of that. Every hero I made up in high school, every failed comic script, every story beat that has been sketched out, from fantasy to sci-fi to anything in between, this song has played in the back of my head.

You don’t have to tell me it’s shameful, but sometimes you have to own it.

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