I’ve been really pleased with my writing lately. Not from a project standpoint—I’ve got too many going right now and I can’t seem to find the right one to focus on.
Writing feels good because I’m just writing, and I’m writing a lot. There’s something satisfying about creating for its own sake, just opening up to curiosity and possibility. Writing time feels less like a chore right now. There’s a sense of excitement when I sit down and start that 25 minute timer to get warmed up.
Kicking a lot of the constant sources of distraction in my life, like social media and other streams of pointless content, has opened up a lot of reading time, which has had the pleasant side effect of reading more, and then engaging with the text in a more meaningful way. When I’m not bombarded and giving in to the free floating litany of distractions around me, I find that I can actually focus in on what matters to me, and get more done.
I feel like I have time to think for once.
There’s less frustration, less block, less depression and sadness from a bad session. Writing more means more good and bad writing, and I can shrug off a failed session more easily because I know there are going to be plenty more in the future. There’s less of a sense of being stopped dead in my tracks if I run into the slightest problem. Powering through it is an actual possibility now!
My next step is to figure out how to focus all of these good vibes and positive energies onto a single project, so I can hopefully get something major done this year (I have a few things cooking, but I don’t want to reveal too much until I really know what I want to to).
Writing just feels so good. I just have to get that out.

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