Bad Day Thoughts

Having a rough and busy day today. Thus, bullet points:

  • I’ve been working on how to construct Terminaburg, narratively. It’s a big superhero universe style project, and I’ve been looking for a way to frame it. The idea of reference points is coming up–Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, etc. And pivot points. Something like Neil Gaiman’s plot point in 1602, where the birth of superheroes happens with the emergence of Steve Rogers as Captain America.
  • I finished Perdido Street Station and The Year of Magical Thinking yesterday, within hours of one another. Both incredible, heartbreaking, and beautiful.
  • Buying lots of makeup. Lots of color, lots of experimentation. Enjoying the possibility.
  • Tom King, Scott Snyder, and Jeff Lemire are all very good comic book writers. China Miéville also wrote a really good one with Dial H.

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