Lightning Round

First up: I want to do a Q&A in May! Send me any kind of question you want—leave a comment or email me at Please send something, I don’t want to face the ignominy of answering a Q&A tag from a website.

I have three sock monkeys. They are all named Joseph.

There’s a mandolin on my bookshelf that I know how to play in theory, but I fear my fingers are too chubby to play it well.

My reading light is on, and the others have been turned off. It’s how I write. I like the shift in atmosphere that it provides when I sit down to create.

I have an honest to goodness makeup collection now. I need to get more lip color, but I think what I have is a good start—the trick now is actually learning how to use this stuff. My technique is certainly better than it was in 2016, but there’s always more to learn, right?

I am now the owner of a pair of extremely nice boots. Knee-high, no zipper, 100% leather. Little bit of a fight to get them on the first time, but they slid on like a dream the next time. The fact that I was wearing a pair of thigh-highs probably has something to do with that. I took pictures, you won’t see them.

Should I start setting this blog up to publish content seven days a week? I know I have a lot of stuff that would aid in that, even more if I keep it to the weekends. I might experiment with fiction or other things on those days. We’ll see.

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