Podcasts! I like them, they are good. Here are a few that I listen to regularly, and I especially recommend them to you if you’re interested in learning more, or are curious, about leftist theory and practice.

Revolutionary Left Radio: Weekly interview show with Bret, discussing one topic or subject with a guest, from a distinctly hard-left perspective.
Season of the Bitch: Weekly show hosted by and featuring women leftists of all kinds, discussing relevant topics and current events.
Citations Needed: Reporters Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi take a media topic, reveal the nefarious bullshit behind it, and usually dive a little deeper into it with a guest who has relevant experience.
Delete Your Account: Another roundtable style show hosted by Kumars Salehi and Roqayah Chamseddine, chatting with guests about different current events, from the political to the pop cultural.
Struggle Session: Hosted by Leslie Lee III, Jack Allison, and Jonathan Daniel Brown, this is a show that discusses video games, movies, television, and other pop culture through the lens of anti-capitalism.

That’s five. In the future, I’ll discuss some of the hobby-focused podcasts I really dig, and round it out with some of my favorite writing casts.

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