Then and Now

Yesterday, Facebook (blech) did what it does and showed me *memories*. <boratvoice> My wife </boratvoice> and I had been tagged in over one hundred photos together. It gave me a convenient excuse to go through my old pictures and see how I’ve changed in the intervening years, especially after the massive upending of identity I’ve just experienced.

Here’s a photo from 2011:


Very Boy. Nice boy haircut, stubble, no makeup, nothing fancy. Not outwardly a mess, but probably working through a lot of stuff inside, unable to articulate it yet.

And here’s me two nights ago:


Absolute mess. Genderless and loving it. Freshly dyed hair. Full face of Urban Decay products. Forced to take a selfie in the bathroom because that’s where the light was best. Ecstatic to live fully in my own truth for the first time in my life.

It took a long time to get here, but damn it feels good.

One thought on “Then and Now

  1. I guess I’m lucky because I get to be default me, to the extent that anyone just gets to walk around and be themselves… because thats just not true for anyone. That said, I cheer a little bit every time I see someone “go for gusto”

    I think everyone wants to go for gusto. Its more fun. I try to make default me more crazy fun for everyone else, but the truth is its a lot of work.

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