Five Things, April 2018

Hey everybody! I’m back. Hopefully I’ll be back to a regular schedule now.

  • Batman, by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo: I decided to read comics again. It was a good decision. Snyder writes a hell of an action/adventure story, showcasing a Batman who is by turns determined, hopeful, sad, and most of all, dedicated to his mission. Greg Capullo also shows off strong storytelling, a mixture of dynamism and moodiness (bolstered by inker Danny Miki) that makes action scenes leap off the page. And they worked on the book together for nearly the entire run, aside from a few fill in artists. That kind of creative consistency is what pushed this book from good to great.
  • The Death of Stalin, dir. Armando Ianucci: If you’ve ever liked Veep or In The Loop, just see it. It is top to bottom amazing.
  • Swordspoint, by Ellen Kushner: Why yes, I did need a novel about a bisexual swordsman and his self-destructive male lover.
  • Legion Season 2: I hold fast to my assertion that Legion is more a triumph of presentation than content, but my goodness is it a wonderful show. It’s just the kind of weird sci-fi storytelling perfectly suited to Marvel’s mutants.
  • God of War (2018): Been playing for about eight hours now. I have been a Kratos fan since the first GOW game, and while he did get worse as a character as the series progressed, the fundamental sadness and anger that defined his character was pretty compelling. Foregrounding that, giving him a source of tension in his son, Atreus, shifting the gameplay from its Japanese-style action roots to a more open and rhythmic third-person action game, and simply making the tone one of quiet mourning adds up to an incredible experience so far.

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