I’ve been reading lately (yes of course that’s what a writer should do). I finished House of Chains, the fourth installment in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. It was fine. The ending was a tragic thing, and there were a lot of good character moments, but it didn’t really cohere into something bigger–certainly not like the thrilling and devastating second half of Memories of Ice.

I have read a ton of comics lately. Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing and Batman are exactly the kind of large scale storytelling that superheroes really excel at, and Snyder is a wonderful writer, if a bit wordy in places. He really likes big bits of text sometimes. Jeff Lemire is imaginative, a great horror writer, and extremely good at capturing heartbreaking emotion. Both Animal Man and Swamp Thing together offer up a wonderful epic of body horror and the grotesque in the mode of superhero adventure stories.

I also read Kissinger’s Shadow by Greg Grandin. I’ve long heard the things said about Henry Kissinger, but I’d never actually taken the time to actually look into an accounting of his actions and influence. This short book offers a concise overview of those things, creating a portrait of a man who committed monstrous acts against the world. I will definitely be looking into the man more, because I feel the need to be informed, and as research for future fiction projects.

So that’s that. I’ll maybe have more tomorrow?

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