Thursday Thoughts

I’ve been feeling much more energetic lately. Life feels pretty good right now.

This will just be a bit of a ramble today. I know I’ve been really off my schedule lately, and I’ve been harder on myself than I probably should be. Creativity and drive have been in short supply lately, and I’ve had to make tough choices in how I expend that energy. Unfortunately, that means this blog has fallen by the wayside while I deal with that stuff.
Getting the Patreon set up has helped a lot. It’s given me a lot more clarity and focus. Work needs to get done now—I can’t let people down when actual money could be on the line!

Been trying to choose which project to focus my energy on for the summer. I know I need to do something larger in scale, something that will keep me occupied for the next few months. Two of my huge projects stand out, and a choice will have to be made soon.

Jotting down a lot of podcast ideas in the past few weeks. There will be a special Patron-only podcast launch, but I do have a few others that I want to pursue. The Patreon podcast is going to be me working out a format and doing a lot of experimentation, so hopefully something will come out of that.

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