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Currently, I’m in the process of creating. Well, I’m a writer—I’m always in the process of creating. To be more specific, I’m in the process of creating a new project, which I talked about a little in an earlier post, called Terminaburg. The project itself has been in various states of planning over the years, but this year I went into overdrive plotting and outlining what I wanted to do.

This is currently a pretty massive project, and right now I’m in the plotting stage. Ideas for how to structure it are getting brainstormed and worked on, and the overall structure for the project is getting close to locked in.

Getting the project to that point is key right now, especially with the personal deadlines I have set. If I want to get everything out without any hiccups, I’ll need to get down to writing this thing as quickly as possible.

I’ll probably post updates about it in the future, and I’ll make a big deal of it as we near January, when it will truly start. Just keep following me. I promise you, it’s gonna be pretty cool,

Introducing Terminaburg

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So you’ve probably noticed a few fiction snippet going up this month. That is part of my little publishing experiment this month, but there’s a little bit more to it than that.


I’m going to be creating a massive shared universe blending elements of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, space opera, crime, slice of life, romance, and superhero together through my writing

It will be long, and there will be daily updates.

There will be a Patreon in the future, and there will be books sold with new stories.

I will be open to feedback, and I’ll do my best to reply and be available to you.

The Longer, More Personal Version

This bit was going to be at the end, but I decided against that. I’ll be as honest and direct as I can: Writing is work, and working on something like this will require financial support. There will be story compilations (with new stories and other goodies), and I will also work on launching a Patreon so you can help support me. Everything you see on this blog will be free to view. My tumblr will also be updating daily with special content, also free. If you really enjoy what you’re reading and you want to help, tell your friends, recommend it to them, and maybe kick a few bucks my way if you can.

Over the years, as I’ve tried out several different ways of creating, I’ve been keeping a lot of notes about superheroes I’d created in the past, all the way back to high school. I never really tossed anything out, and what I did was still locked away in my head.
When I decided to get serious about writing in mid-2016, I hit on using some of the superheroes I’d created over the last decade or so—some were from failed projects that never got off the ground, others were from old pitches that I never got around to editing or refining, and some were just little word sketches in scattered notebooks. I picked a few heroes, fleshed out their personalities a little bit, made them teenagers, and because I’m a Jack Kirby fan, added a little cosmic spice to a tiny Texas town.

That manuscript got written, but I decided to put it away—it didn’t really work for me. I needed to get better as a writer if I wanted to tell the story it deserved, and I moved on to other projects. There were fantasy stories, a lot of open ended free writing, pens being drained of almost all of their ink, and more than a few down days where I thought I was too depressed to write, but still wrote.

The process of tearing apart and rebuilding my first novel from scratch had begun by May. I had taken several new notes, and reworked the story completely to fit my new vision, but life intervened and didn’t allow me to get the necessary work done. I shelved it to move on to something else.

In July of this year, I was working on a non-fiction project that I hope to revise and publish in the future. I started and finished drafting it after hitting a rut in a fantasy novel. After wrapping up the first non-fiction draft, I looked over my fantasy novel. I knew I could solve it, but again, I didn’t have the skills to do it justice and get it up to snuff personally. Expending effort on something that I wouldn’t meet my (admittedly low) standards seemed to be a losing battle, one that would end in depression and discouragement.

So I set it aside, and went back to the beginning, farther back than the fantasy novel, farther back than my second attempt at a first novel, farther back than all of the writing I’d done in the last year, past even my decision to become a writer. I went back to my old notes, the old characters, the failed projects that I didn’t finish. I started putting it all together, and came to an ambitious conclusion: what if I just tried to create this universe from scratch? What if I just made it all through my own stories, and published them for as long as I could?

The big idea came from a city that I made up, called Terminaburg. I decided to be as ambitious as possible, and after a couple of weeks of planning, outlining, and a little bit of writing, I’m ready to get started.

Here’s the deal: right now I’m running a daily piece of fiction on my blog. Those will go dark after August, and I’ll be running once a week longer stories for a couple of months. After that whole thing is wrapped up, I’m going to tentatively plan for a flash fiction piece most days, with longer stories published on Wednesdays, if one gets written. The daily fiction will shine a light on the city of Terminaburg, its denizens, its geography, and its secrets; eventually, the stories will start to move outward, showing off the world that has been in my head for the better part of a decade.

The narrative plans after that particular phase are hazy at the moment, but rest assured there is more to Terminaburg than just a magical city on an island that appeared out of nowhere. I plan to show off every part of not only this Earth, but things beyond it. It will be a journey, spanning from the smallest personal story to the fates of gods themselves. In the far future, I plan on writing at least one novel about a major event, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

The other part of this is putting together support. I need you, the reader. Tell me what you like and don’t, give me feedback. I genuinely want to hear from you. This project won’t be the best it can be if I do all this in a vacuum. Email me! Tweet at me! Send me private messages on facebook! I’ll definitely do my best to reply to you and I promise to take your feedback seriously.

(The part about the Patreon and other sources of funding was going to go here, but I decided to put it at the top, because I want to be up front with my audience about financial support.)

Summing up, this is a project that has existed in some form or another for the last decade of my life, and I’m ready to start tackling the enormous task of actually getting it out there. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy it.