Quickie update

I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup lately. I enjoy experimenting with looks, figuring out what looks good, how to apply it, learning to do it faster and better, etc.

It is a really simple thing, but I really enjoy it. I’ll post a few pictures soon, but in the meantime you can check out my new Instagram for more fun stuff!

Terminaburg is a place, that much is true. None of that is in question. It exists, it has a place on the map dedicated to showing that it is a real city on a real island on a real planet in a real solar system in a real galaxy—that’s a bit too far out.
Real city, real island, real state (New York, allegedly, but honestly? It’s it own place), real country, real continent, real Earth. Terminaburg meets the minimum requirements for a place to actually be a real, existing, actual location where people live and do their jobs and all of that other crap that people do.

Special Patreon Announcement!

Hey there everybody! After a lot of tweaking and working, I’m going to be launching my Patreon in June!

$1 a month will get you access to my Patron-only feed featuring weekly installments of both my new science-fantasy epic Helden & Mags and behind-the-scenes goodies, along with a biweekly non-fiction piece. $2 gets you my new weekly podcast Jeff Isn’t Writing, and $3 will get you all of that PLUS a special edition ebook featuring that month’s fiction and non-fiction content and extra-super-special bonus exclusive content!

I’ll have more to share later, but I just wanted to get this out there now before I forgot.


This year has been non-stop for me. Juggling working with writing, and then adding on all of this extra stress from other stuff–it’s a lot! It almost made me miss my daily post, but even if it’s just a silly and short placeholder, it won’t keep me from providing you with the content you crave.

Unfortunately, it’s not something with a lot of substance. All I can say is that I posted, which I guess is a victory in itself.


Daily posting will commence very soon. I’m getting a few materials together and trying to work on a schedule.

I’m aiming for two posts each day: one morning blog post, and an afternoon “non-blog” post, which will run the gamut from writing advice, to poetry, to fiction.

As you probably know, I’ve got a lot of fiction written, and I’m excited to start touching it up to post here. A lot of it will be one-off scratchpad stuff, but at least once a week I’ll publish a more fully fleshed out story or fragment.

Like I said yesterday, I’m really excited to be back, and I hope you join me in the next part of my journey.



I’m still here. I had a very hectic end of 2017, and I wasn’t confident in the content I was producing. I’ve had a few months to meditate, write through my emotions, and start making plans for the future.

There will still be writing here, and I’m going pushy myself to publish pretty rapidly here, both fiction and non-fiction. I’ll also be rebuilding my social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, and down the line I’ll be experimenting again with Patreon and Ko-fi.

2018 will be full of writing, and I’m excited to get back into it.